Opening of the vacuum inert gas atomization plant (VIGA) at Outokumpu


In the presence of Hendrik Wüst, Minister President of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, a new plant for the production of spherical metal powders using the VIGA technology was opened at Outokumpu in Krefeld in early August.

Outokumpu is one of the world's largest producers of stainless steel. The new VIGA plant can be used to convert scrap currently generated in the production of stainless steels into metal powder. The metal powder, in turn, can be used as a high-quality feedstock for various powder metallurgical manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing). The Chair of Materials Engineering is researching the development of corrosion-resistant Cr martensites for additive manufacturing using PBF-LB/M along the value chain from powder atomization using VIGA, to the 3D-printed end product in the BMWK-funded project REACT. More information about the project REACT

Eröffnung VIGA-Anlage bei Outokumpu
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