Materials characterization

We seek, gain, validate, and spread knowledge through thorough and reproducible physical testing. The description of the relationship between manufacturing, heat treatment, the resulting microstructure, and associated physical properties lies at the heart of our activities.

Our labs are equipped with the necessary facilities to measure a wide spectrum of microstructural, chemical, mechanical, and thermophysical properties in a broad temperature range. Among others, we can determine:

  • Thermal properties, including specific heat, thermal diffusivity, thermal expansion, and thermal diffusivity
  • Physical micro and macroscopic properties, including yield and ultimate strength, Young's modulus, hardness, and fracture toughness
  • Electrochemical and properties associated with corrosion resistance
  • System properties related to wear in corrosive environments, such as friction coefficients, groove size, and removed volume
  • System properties associated with fatigue
  • High-resolution microscopy and microanalysis (SEM, TEM, 3D-APT, EDX, EBSD, AFM, instrumented indentation, CLSM, OM), as well as computerized quantitative metallography.

Professional contact person: Santiago Benito

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